Art & History Museum – Changing rooms for museum visitors – 72 m²

Customer request : Creation of a locker room with lockable lockers. Number of lockers desired ? 380!

Project proposals

In order to make the locker rooms more cheerful, we played on the playful aspect of the shapes and colors. We offer several formats of lockers and thus a rhythmic and meeting the needs and utilities of each. The formats range from the family locker to the small location for one person, passing through the vertical lockers in order to hang the jackets and coats. There are 382 in total! The numbered keys, the shapes and the colors allow an average technical memo so that everyone can easily remember the location of their locker. The green benches have a touch of color that blends perfectly with the vegetation present in the space. This arrangement gives us a feeling of welcome upon entering the museum.

Construction site

Intervention of the carpenter for the realization of the changing rooms. Customized benches.

MC plan