OSMOZ is the brand of Bedimo, our products are produced and assembled in our factory in Morlanwelz in Belgium. All products in the OSMOZ range have been fully studied and designed by our design teams and our design office. The products in the OSMOZ range are eco-designed and have received the European eco-label according to the NF Environment standard. We systematize this labeling for all the new products in the range.

In short, this European eco-label ensures that certified products are respectful of the environment and of quality while respecting the ergonomic and safety standards in force. Choosing OSMOZ furniture means choosing excellent value for money while respecting the environment and the local economy. Well done !






Offices & tables





Factory / Richacier

Richacier is the production site of Bedimo.

The factory was founded in 1941 for the manufacture of metal furniture. The company was taken over in 2007 by Bedimo to develop its OSMOZ range. Two years later, Bedimo decided to move all of its stock, office and showroom operations from Wavre to a single site in Morlanwelz, bringing together all of its activities in a Belgian hub.

Richacier works with metal in the form of tubes and steel sheets. About fifteen people manage the machinery park and transform the raw materials into finished products marketed under the OSMOZ brand.

In addition to this standard furniture produced locally, the factory allows us to meet many specific market demands. We manufacture meeting or training tables to measure, desks customized on demand, lockers specific to the expectations of police and firefighting areas, display booths for stores, to summarize, we study and we realize all the solutions to your constraints, for small, medium and large series.

Each year, Richacier makes substantial investments in order to renew its machine fleet and optimize its environmental impact. Thanks to these actions, we keep reliable, efficient and up to date tools. In addition, the company is constantly looking for and implementing many means to reduce its environmental impact and move towards zero CO2 emissions.