Our services

The ideal partner to support you in the layout of your spaces. Thanks to the wide choice of furniture, your spaces will be offered according to your tastes and desires. With more than 50 partners, including our own brand created in our factory, Osmoz , the team demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of furniture. To support you in this adventure, our Design & Build department takes care of everything: transformations, renovations, partitions, completion … all your turnkey and tailor-made projects!



Interested in designer furniture? Concerned about quality and respect of environment? Sensitive to fair prices combined with real services (delivery-assembly, advice on use, etc.) ? Do you want an aesthetic, useful and effective acoustic solution ? Look here if you find what you are looking for !


“Buying local” is important ? If so, we are proud and happy to present our range of OSMOZ furniture. It is designed by us and manufactured or assembled by us at our production site in Morlanwelz in Belgium.



Spaces layout

Do you know how to arrange your space ? If you are looking for advice, plans or sketches to better project yourself, our team of interior architects is at your service to advise you and suggest new ideas.


Renovations / transformations

Rethinking space often involves some transformations. Moving a door or a partition, improving the acoustics, replacing the floor, painting a new area, replacing your kitchen or simply your appliances, renovating your reception area or your sanitary facilities. Our teams are at your disposal for your renovations.


Build from A to Z

From budgeting to receipt of work, through planning and coordination of the various trades. Our project managers are there to advise you, make your life easier and offer you a “turnkey” solution for your interior fittings. Discover all our achievements and inspirations on our Instagram.